Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sarah pointed to something while I was holding her by the sink and I looked and it was the picture of Jesus in a red robe I have up on the window sill... she pointed and smiled and I said, "Yeah, that's Jesus!" and then she repeated me and said something like "de-zuss!".  It was so sweet! 

She just started "folding" her hands when we pray and tonight before we put her down Michael said, "OK, lets say a prayer..." and before we did anything she clasped her hands together and looked at us like she was waiting.  Also, at the end of a prayer she says some jibber jabber form of "amen" and I love it.

This is a big deal to me because it makes me realize just how quickly she is growing.  In my church we are taught to teach our children principles like faith and love and teach them practices like prayer and forgiveness (to name a couple).  I try my hardest to take time daily to pray with her and sometimes I read scriptures with her and I try to talk to her about blessings from Heavenly Father when they happen so she recognizes them. 

It just feels so good and I feel so proud of her to see her do these little things.  I don't think she's "holy" or soo good for doing them, every other kid is just as perfect as her, but it really tugs at my heart strings to think of her having faith in someone that really does bless her and take care of her.  I feel calm knowing that no matter how she chooses to live her life, she'll know that her mom and dad have found peace and joy in following the Savior and she can do the same easily if she follows some basic guidelines we hope to teach her by precept and example.

I really do love being her mom and having these responsibilities.  I'm very humbled often by the fact that she will be better at many things I've tried my whole life to be good at just because of the generation she is a part of.   I believe she has to be stronger than any other generation because of the state of the world now.   I know she was meant to come to earth at this time to our family to teach us things and hopefully love and serve many other people.

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For record-keeping's sake I also want to remember:
- How she likes to take Michael and my heads and pull them together to make us kiss and then kisses us together... hehe.
- How she likes to nod now so she says yes to a lot of things when she actually means no and then gets confused when I react to her yes :)
- She loves to dance, so much that when a song is over she whines until we play another one for her to dance to
- I still love her feet so much, I can tell they're getting bigger but I don't care. I wonder how long I'll love her feet and want to kiss them... either I'll stop wanting to or she'll stop letting me :)
-  She likes to hug kids (she also likes to hit them and pull at their clothes and pinch them but if I catch her I ask her to give the kids loves and she does with an "mmmm" sound)

 At the zoo in Colorado from this last weekend.
  I have to mention what happen this last weekend.  We hit a deer broad-side around midnight on our way to Colorado Springs to visit friends.  It was such a hard hit and freaked me out bad, I screamed and Sarah woke up a little and then fell right back to sleep.  We were all completely fine.
The minute we came to a stop on the side of the road after the collision I looked at my family and was so grateful and even happy.  Although it was scary hitting the deer and being without a car for a while will be a drag, I'm grateful for an experience that gives me a lot of perspective.  What is really important in life? That's right, it's not a car, it's the peeps sitting next to you and snoozing in the back ;).

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