Sunday, September 9, 2012

our trip home + back at home

Sarah and I had a wonderful trip to Utah, Washington and Colorado.  Thank you to all of those that took us in and played with us!  Uncle Keith was so generous and picked us up at the airport and offered his car when we needed it.

 Sarah fell asleep on a few of the many flights we had!
 Oh how I wish we lived by Erin, Geoff and Cora! You're the best friend, Erin!!
 Taking a walk around the beautiful neighborhood we were so blessed to live in!

 Uncle Ralph- so good to catch up with him and Julie
The wonderful Tami Johnson, BYU's AFROTC Commander's wife who I got to know well while we were there.  She's a great mentor and friend!

We got to spend some time with the Kellers before we went to Chelan with the Hancocks.  It was a great 2 days!
Honey to me, G-g to Sarah :)

Hanging with Grandpa

Aunt Whitney


Climbing Rattlesnake Ridge
At the top of Rattlesnake Ridge
 Keller's front yard
 Sarah's cousin, Carson McCreadie, is 3 months old!
 Boppa :)
Uncle Shawn

.... I'll post about Chelan soon...
Here's an update on our life now:

Michael had his "dollar ride" or his first flight in the T-6, an 1100 horsepower turbo prop, on Thursday.  Most people get sick and throw up on their first ride, Michael felt sick but didn't throw up! I was really happy for him... no fun throwing up in a bag in a small and hot cockpit!

These pictures are what I took before a security forces enlisted member came and asked me to stop taking pictures... so no pics of Michael flying :(

The sunshades for the planes in the background

some pictures I took this Sunday afternoon

That's all!

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