Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Would be sad if I forgot...

She sucks her thumb but leaves her fingers straight sometimes.
She strokes our arms when we hold her in our laps.
She's been cracking up by herself; sometimes she's playing with the shoes on the rack, playing with 2 drink caps, or just with her toys.
Caresses my cheek when I'm settling her down to go to sleep.
Won't let me cut her nails- she goes crazy screaming and crying.
Yesterday (July 24th, 2012) she started walking a lot more, without our encouragement, from one place to the other up to 10 steps.
The foot that drags when she crawls is sometimes dark brown by the end of the day.  I thought it was tan once and then realized it was dirt and I loved it.
Her eyes are a beautiful blue-green on the outsides and brown in the middle.  The brown takes over from afar but in the light her eyes sparkle the soft blues fading into green and brown.
She plays so well by herself but loves to play with mom, dad, and other kids.
She wants to hit everything and everyone but is slowly learning how to be soft.
She gets frustrated and vocalizes it with a grunt of frustration, just like her mom and dad.
She's so little!
I can't believe how cute she is.
I love the whites in the creases of her toes, wrists, ankles, neck, knees and arms.
Any time we are eating something at the table or couch she wants some of it.
She likes to watch the babyfirst channel but I try to only put it on when I'm desperate.

When she wants to be picked up or get out of an uncomfortable situation and we don't respond right away she starts a little coughing fit.

Daddy helps with her all the time, especially when Mommy's making dinner, needs sleep or working out.  On Sundays he takes it upon himself to have her as much as he can. 

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  1. That is SUCH a darling video. It's obvious that you're madly in love with your little girl! I'll bet that video will make you cry someday.