Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sarah Laughs! + cousin fun

Kendall Marie and Sarah Marie are just 1 month apart. Jos and I are hoping they'll be close like us! They are so similar in their mannerisms it's super cute to watch them together. And they could just lay by each other and stare at each other for a long time.

Jos and our babies

A friend of the Keller's, James, took us to Tucanos for dinner last weekend and this is outside of the restaurant. Thanks James!


  1. Oh I love her! Such a sweetheart! Isn't this a fun stage to mother? (and father!) I espcially love how she get startled when you guys laugh back. Her face gets so serious and observant.

  2. that has got to be the cutest laugh EVER! miss you guys A LOT.

  3. Yay that was so fun! I can't wait to spend more time together, I feel so lucky! Please email me those pics! josephine.hancock@asu.edu. I love you Minta, you are a very sweet and beautiful mama prima.