Friday, February 3, 2012

6 Months Old! + belated Christmas card

(after a few paragraphs this post started to sound like the Christmas card I never did... so I added some family pictures at the end to make it complete)

The last month has been a challenging one for little Sarah. We started her on solids and did it all wrong and so with an achy tummy she woke up wailing many nights. Now, things are back to normal- in more ways than one.
Sarah seems to develop so quickly that I can't believe it. She can sit up by herself for a while now. She snuggles us and almost anyone else that's sweet with her. She has tried many solids and liked them all except for some homemade smashed green beans... it was hilarious to watch her face as she ate it!
Michael and I are a few months away from our 3rd year anniversary. It's incredible how much can change in a few years. We were in love when we got married and now we're much more than that- we're good friends and loyal companions.
We've been so blessed to live at the Victor's home in Provo and we are super excited for a new life in Oklahoma! Come middle of May, we'll be moving there. We hear it's a good place and we will have friends from the BYU ROTC there to help us to not feel alone in a new place.
Enjoy the pictures!

Still a very happy girl (you know... most of the time ;))

Being patient while we take 50 pictures of her :)

She loves her mommy!

Her eyes have changed a lot. First a dark navy blue, then grey blue, and now a bluish hazel color!

A new snuggle position... Michael can put her in that position and almost without fail she'll calm down.

My friend EmyLee took the first 2 pictures at Thanksgiving time- Thanks Emy!!

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  1. She's beautiful! I can't wait to see her again and kiss her perfect little cheaks :)