Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah's 3 months! & my first crazy mommy poem


(I hope this poem doesn't make you worry. I think it just shows I'm normal.)

Am I doing a good job? My husband says so.

Why is she crying, then?

Dinner finally got made.

She’s still crying!

She’s so sweet, I want to hold her all the time.

I don’t want to go get her if she’s just crying to cry, though.

Must keep busy, distracted.

Put away leftovers, dishes, wipe the counters, take out the trash, put new bags in the bins.

She’s still crying… what!? It’s only been 10 minutes!?

Keep going.

Should I put earplugs in?

Maybe I’ll listen to music.

Need to file the nail that has been bugging me all day.

I should write down my thoughts.

I thought I was going to go crazy today.

Need to exercise.

She needs to sleep.

Now she needs to eat.

Need to study the good word.

She needs my attention.

She needs her diaper changed.

Need to make dinner.

She needs to be burped.

Need to eat healthier.

She needs good nutrition.

Need to go on a date this week.

She needs a babysitter.

Need to get some rest.

The house needs to be cleaned.

Need to sit down.


She’s still crying…

-Minta Keller


  1. I bet a lot of mom's can relate to that one! Have you tried spanking her? :)