Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Sarah Pictures

These pictures are out of order but I figure out of order is better than no pictures at all!

Me trying the Bjorn out :)

I love her in this Nordstrom PJ outfit from Rach

Sarah sleeping like Daddy

Right after our walk

Some of the fam at the blessing- 4 generations...

My babies :)

Michael is still smitten by Sarah, I'm so glad she has a daddy that loves her so much- like my dad does!

And, of course, I'm completely in love with her.

We took her swimming in her adorable suit (sorry you can't see it better!) and she started to cry a little there- you can tell I wasn't used to her crying very much. And there's her binky, floating close by :)

Allie and Sarah

Blissful Napping

At the beginning when we were trying to help her with her jaundice

She still loves her showers (and her baths!)

Aunt Whitney and Sarah

Helping me with laundry

Dad giving some love during a homework break

Together in our PJ's

The beginning of Michael throwing our children a gazillion feet up in the air ;)

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