Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arizona- a journal entry of our trip. Days 4-5

Day 4

ASU visit with Throwing Coach- they want Keith bad!
Diamond Backs (D-Backs) game in a sweet suite- thank you Curtis. Good hot dogs, root beer and cranberry juice, popcorn, potato chips...mmm.
...and then a nice man gave us his tickets that were front row right behind home plate for the last few innings!
Dinner and relaxing at the Keller's
Foosball, reading
To bed early

Day 5

Arise early for a hike in the Superstition Mountains
Aimee stays back with pregnant woman while Curt and Michael conquer the trail
Good conversation, intense heat
Get home, shower, PB & J's and milk all around. Loved watching Curt make "the best PB & Js ever" for Issac and his 2 buddies
Meet up with Uncle Mike and girls: Maggie, Sarah and Sophia
Dinner at with Hancock's - Maggie does my hair
From there to the Pingree's for a riotous game of pool b-ball
before that, Minta jumps in and loves being in the water even though it's cold!
Minta satisfies craving and buys Krispie Kreme's for everyone
a little more playing with Marley and jokes with Jim, Jordan, Jeremy and Keith
Get home to watch The Office and Parks and Rec with Curt and Aimee - Rocky Mountain Oysters... mmm.

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