Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Birthday Surprise!

I was already so excited for a night with my sweet hubby to celebrate my birthday. He told me about a week in advance we'd be eating in Salt Lake.

Then came the night. And of course, for some reason, I was in a bad mood. I did my best to hide it but Michael could tell. He trooped along and after I vented and cried in the car we pulled up to a fun restaurant in Salt Lake.

Another funny part is that we ended up missing the exit going north on I-15 and then on our way back we missed it again! I was trying my best to be patient but I was pretty annoyed. Little did I know, my parents had sent Michael a text telling him to stall... 20 minutes. We were going to be on time so he really had to get creative. I love him for acting like he "accidentally" kept missing the exit. I never ever noticed a hint of anger from him, either, even though I was in a bad mood and he was doing all this just for me! Haha.

As we pulled into the parking lot I saw Melissa C., a family friend (almost member) on her phone. I almost started crying thinking that Michael had arranged for them to meet us there for my b-day because he knew how much I missed them. He just smiled and told me Steve was inside waiting at a table near the back corner.

When we were close enough to the table I saw that my MOM AND DAD were sitting there!!!! My jaw lowered at a fast rate and I looked at Michael, totally perplexed. Once I got to my parents I hugged them and just started to cry- I was sooo happy! I knew i missed them, but there's something about being sick all the time with your first baby and being extra emotional that just makes you want to have mommy and daddy there....

We had a wonderful dinner and my parents stayed until Wednesday the next week. They took me maternity shopping and bought me some killer maternity jeans.
It was so nice to be around them and to hang out at the Comrie's so much.
Thanks Steve and Meliss for feeding us so much!

No moms and dads are perfect, and neither are mine. But they love me and Michael so much and would do anything to make us happy and you could feel that while they were here.

With family come annoyances, frustrations, confusions, and disappointments but the love and respect we have for each other is constantly growing. I loved every minute of my parents being here. They're two normal people that have worked miracles in their lives and the lives of their children all because of LOVE and FAITH.

Thank you Mom and Dad.

And, thank you my sweetie, Michael.

(us at dinner)


  1. Yo Mint, That was a beautiful blog post, thanks (: Michael is a sweetheart. he he he. We were laughing about that story at dinner tonight thinking that Michael, of all people would never miss an exit twice. You look so cute pregnant! Love ya, Denny

  2. Yo Mint... me again. We were enjoying your story about your ninja baby (ours is a good kicker too), when I noticed your hair. Very nice hair is this pic (: We can't wait to have you close by again. This summer will be amazing!