Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our baby at 12 weeks

We are so happy about this baby who according to our Doctor is growing healthily!
We'll find out the gender in about a month and a half.... what do you think it'll be??


  1. Mike and I both think boy! I'll poll the girls in the morning to see what their guess is! :)

  2. Do you have any feelings one way or the other??? I'm thinking boy just because that's what we got first! Either way he or she looks really cute!!!

  3. Katie McCaslin (Bateman)February 9, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    Congratulations Minta!!! I'm so excited for you! My husband and I are expecting our first little one in less than a month. Being pregnant is wonderful and such a blessing- enjoy it and God bless you in this special time!

  4. hey minta!!! yay!! i'm so happy for you! you are gonna be one sweet, perfect, fun little mama! what a lucky baby.:) Sure hope you are feeling well. I know "morning sickness" aka "all-day sickness" can be hard. hopefully you feel GREAT! miss you tons! oh, and i'll guess a girl.:)

  5. Can't believe I havent heard the news yet, sweet niece of mine :-)