Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet happenings...

Got the job at Sundance I REALLY wanted. This will be a challenge and a great opportunity at the same time. M and I will be there a lot this winter, and although we'll be extra busy it will be sweet to share the experience of Sundance employment, it really is a neat place up there.

We have our tree up, man it was fun to do, a little tiring but so rewarding to see it sparkle over there in the corner of our apartment.

Gonna watch our shows tonight and I finally made the sugar cookies I bought at Costco! So good and a good deal for such amazing cookies.

The Hancock family has been reading 7 Habits by Stephen R Covey and we've all decided to do personal and family mission statements. Working on my mission statement in my head has gotten me no where. I am excited for the day, though, that I have it done and can look at it every day.


  1. I love hearing about those little things that really are the big things! i love you mintie!

  2. Hi little gif - we didn't find his charger. Sorry! Love you tons and hope you have a good rest of your holiday and get to go carefully skiing this week!!!!!!!!!! Ski a run for me - I sure miss it!

  3. You must post more or I'm going to get you - muhahahaha!