Thursday, May 6, 2010

California...wooohooo! My heart is still there

In line at Disney Land... Michael's sweatshirt revealed our Momoninity (or Mormonality says Michael) and so we met/smiled at/got waves from a bunch of other fellow Mormons... fun :)
This is Sarah Grace and Aaron. Michael taught them how to ski at Sundance and their parents like Michael so much that they invited us to come stay with them... they lived in jogging distance from the beach. And yes, we did jog on the beach. Well, Michael ran and I jogged a little before I said "Heck with it!" and took my shoes and socks off and played in the water :)
Luckily, it turned out our anniversary was during our trip, so we celebrated at Mama D's, a small Italian restaurant I picked out that gave us free dessert because it was our anniversary.
I know, we're incredibly good-looking. My smile is pretty big. Michael made sure we had all the time at the beach possible because he knew how much I'd been wanting to go. There's nothing like the feeling of just floating in the water with the sun on your face. It was cold but our wetsuits and my adrenaline helped warm me up.
Yep, that's my husband. Jealous? (probably not, because if you're reading this you're either our sibling or parent...)
A professional camera man had us pose like this...
To make me happy again, we stopped at the Visitors' Center in St. George. It was so peaceful, I remembered how blessed I was to serve my mission there.
That's our view from Sarah Grace's bed :) She slept on her mom and dad's room.
Dinner at Downtown Disney

Can you tell I was having fun? One of my favorite rides was this one, Hollywood Tower of Terror.

Michael surfed! He did so well and it was his first time. I tried a few times too, and got up to a squat for a second.
Can you tell I like the water?... and the sun... see the bird?!

One year married and goin' strong :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I am jealous - he's HOT!!! Nate's HOT too - he's been working out for his triathlon! I'm so glad you had a fun trip. Love you!

  2. Cute pictures, Minta. I think you're both beautiful (even if I'm not a sibling or parent).

  3. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a fun time together. :) Love you Gif!