Saturday, February 13, 2010


Last night, cause we can, we went on a date, which I must say, we do do every weekend, and sometimes twice- thank you dad Keller for your example.
We went to a shooting range and didn't shoot (because they only allowed handguns and Michael wanted to shoot his new gun that is much bigger than a hand gun) and then we went to Zupas for dinner (where we ate just before he took me ring shopping about 1 year and 1 month ago).
Then, we went to Best Buy and after I finished hiding behind things and trying to scare Michael (impossible- according to of these days I will, oh yes, I will) by throwing my little gloves at him from the other isle, we played a game...
We imagined what we would buy if we had large amounts of money and only seconds to decide. I learned some things about Michael that I didn't know before...
Then we went to Farr's, our second weekend home.

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  1. So fun Minta, I love dates!! and this picture of you is SO cute, love the bangs!!!