Saturday, January 2, 2010

The grades are in

I'm so proud that I'm sharing with you my grades! Not a lot of credits, but it was enough work, that's for sure.
Fall Semester 2009
COMMS 301 001 Media History & Philosophy 3.00 A
COMMS 308 002 Resrch Methods for Journalism 3.00 A
DANCE 241R 001 Contemporary Dance Tec Thry 2 2.50 B-
EXSC 139 001 Jogging 0.50 A-
HUM 202 004 Western Humanities 2 3.00 A-
SEM HR ERN 12.00 HR GRD 12.00 GPA 3.64
YAY for hard work! For hours of reading, writing and some testing too :)

Here's me looking outside our downstairs door (or Nana and Grandpa's door) and smiling about my grades.  It snowed a bunch and I'm happy about the curls in my hair- one of my favorite Christmas gifts was a new curling iron!

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