Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't worry

(I chose this google image because I like her smile and my bangs I just got cut look like these!)

I had a chat with my brother about Anti-Mormon Media and he raised some good points. First was, there is only a small population that cling to anti-Mormon information, most either know it is bogus or don't care (more probably don't care, to be perfectly honest).

He also mentioned that people hear what they want to hear. If someone has heard only the truth about the Mormons and then hears one false rumor and chooses to focus on and remember only that, that is their choice.

I was perturbed when I wrote last, and now I am more at ease, realizing that all the negative bashing that goes on about my faith is small compared to the amount of people that either do not care or do care, and find out the truth.

Phew! :) Having said all of this, I still feel responsible to provide accurate information about what we believe as often as I feel. Sharing my beliefs has been one of my main sources of joy my whole life!

Thanks for reading.

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