Friday, January 22, 2010

Anti-Mormon Media

If there's something that that needs to be cleared up, it's what Mormons believe. I've been around long enough and received enough education to know that there is A TON of anti-Mormon media. Personally, I don't like to watch it. Not because I am ashamed, but because it saddens me. It is so false that it almost confuses and mind-boggles me. I know there are some Mormons that can watch it with the purpose to disprove it. I guess I feel like my gift is to share what I believe, not research what others are saying and then disprove the falsehoods.

I have a previous post of my past and where I've come from. I mention my experience in high-school. I was so happy to be a member of the LDS Church (as I am now) and very excited when people asked questions or participated in different Church functions with me. For analogic purposes, it was like I had an extremely tasty treat (the Church) and I was so happy to share it with people . BUT I wish I did more in sharing about how to learn the TRUTH about the Mormon faith. I only had a couple friends that would tease and taunt me about rumors they heard about Mormons. I almost prefer that over friends that hear rumors and don't say anything about it, assuming they are true or almost true. A LOT of the rumors are not true and are sometimes the very opposite of the truth.

I have put a link to a fun website called Mormons Made Simple. This just summarizes truths about the Mormon Church. There are segments about Mormon myths, Temples and Missionaries. There is also an official Mormon website, with several links to other user-friendly websites.

Just think, if you heard a story about a friend of yours that broke her leg, where could you get the best and most accurate information about what happened? From her, right? Well, the same goes if you're researching a religion, like the Mormons. Go straight to the source. Hearing an opposing view is not bad, but please, out of respect to the millions who dedicate their lives to what they know to be true, find out both sides.

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(I put a picture of me and my husband to show the joy that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought us.)

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