Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes I get depressed. I was on a no-sad-days streak for almost 1 month (which is GREAT!) but yesterday that streak ended. I was telling my husband, and like I hoped he would, he asked me why I was sad. That's when I said, "No reason. That's just how it happens."

Today's the same. Don't feel sorry for me! That's life, that's how my life is. My brother told me something yesterday that made me cry out of relief. He said, "This life is really short and we're just hear to prove that we're trying and we'll keep trying to do our best." He said that if I can keep that perspective, it will help me. It already has.
Here are some beautiful pictures of outside. When I am sad, I usually find peace in looking outside and remembering God is a part of my life, just like He created everything around me, He created me. He made me, and "He doesn't make mistakes." (From a book my mom read to us and always cried while she read it, called You are Special by Max Lucado)

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