Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I want to start something new... a weekly gratitude post! We'll see how it goes, eventually I'll be consistent, but I'm going to start today. I'll give myself liberty to be grateful for 1 or many things... and they can be totally random or of a general nature. This will really be for me, mostly. Also, any readers are welcome or encouraged to comment and add what they are grateful for!

Right now I am sitting in the BYU Harold B. Lee Library... I am grateful for books and a clean beautiful library. Even when I don't go to BYU I'll still be grateful for books... thank goodness for books- a way to never stop learning and experiencing a different point of view. Thank you for BOOKS.

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  1. Hi Minta, I came across your blog from Melissa's blog. I, too am extremely grateful for books. I have a stack about 10-high on my night stand. I also love libraries. I am grateful for my local public library. I love that I can place the book of my choice on reserve and get it a few days later.