Monday, September 21, 2009

Life is Good

We've been married for almost 5 months now, time goes by way fast! Life is great, we do things together ALL THE TIME, literally, we are always together. Hiking, playing tennis, swimming, doing homework, watching LOST, singing in choirs, running, reading, eating lunch, making dinner, and more. I'm a little nervous for when he has to go to work some day- I'll miss him a lot. So, we're taking advantage of the time when we're both only going to school. Michael is in his 2nd year of AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps) at BYU and just changed his major to Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He loves it, he's so good with math and understanding different materials and he's really creative too! I am in my last year of broadcast journalism, it's going well, but I am anxious to graduate so I can start my next phase in life (getting really big and fat, then chasing a little person around and changing their diapers running on 3 hours of sleep). Life goes on, and I believe that life is good because the gospel is still our main focus. Here's a good video that helped me remember what matters most


  1. Minta, I didn't realize you were still in the Broadcast Journalism program. I just started the Communications minor, and I am loving it! I took 239 already, and I'm in 101 and 230 this semester. We should chat about it sometime, compare notes. I am taking a class from Robert Walz right now, if you're in Broadcast you should know him. I'm glad you guys are doing so well. Let's get together soon!

  2. Minta! You posted! I love it. I can't beleive you have already been married for 5 months! Where does time go?? Are you saying your pregnant?? or just hopeing to be? :) Love you. Give me a call soon gif.

  3. I loff you guys! There is mucho joy in my heart to read that you are doing so well. Thinking of you often :)

    Today I will pray that Minta gets fat.
    Love, Linsey